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District 6

District Trustee:
President: Michael A Hanak, MD
Vice-President: Mary J Fidler, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Jose Oberholzer, MD
Council Whip: Raj B Lal  MD

Daniel A Bakston, MD
Michael A Hanak, MD
Raj B Lal, MD
Jose Oberholzer, MD
Peter Orris, MD

Alternate Councilors:
Tamika A Alexander, MD
Swathi Arekapudi, MD
Mary J Fidler, MD
Whitney N Lyn, MD
Mary W Molo, MD

ISMS Delegates:
Michael A Hanak, MD
Anantha K Harijith, MD
Asra R Khan, MD
Raj B Lal, MD
Peter Orris, MD
Arvind K Shukla, MD

ISMS Alternate Delegates:
Peter F Fore, MD
Grace B Guzman-Hartman, MD
Shivi Jain, MD
Hongyu Ni, MD
Mark I Rosenblatt, MD
Sandra S Swantek, MD
Robert A Winn, MD
Nitu Saran, DO

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