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Physician Advocacy Committee

Purpose: To represent and protect the rights, responsibilities, and interests of physicians in all modes of medical practice including those physicians in solo practice and group practice, employed physicians, academicians, hospital medical staffs, etc. This will include physician self-governance, the credentialing process, and significant involvement in medical policy development, to include, but not be limited to, Patient advocacy, quality of care, and the peer review process. To receive, review and attempt to resolve complaints, disputes or conflicts involving any physician member of a medical staff, and any structured medical entity.


  • Smitha Arekapudi  MD (Chair)
  • Sondra L Summers  MD (Chair)
  • Dimitri T Azar  MD
  • Christine P Bishof  MD
  • Clarence W Brown Jr. MD
  • Jay R Chittoor
  • Jacquelynne P Corey  MD
  • Dennis L Galinsky  MD
  • Linda F Gruenberg  DO
  • Michael A Hanak  MD
  • Amy F Ho  MD
  • Abhijay Jalota  MD
  • Elena M Kamel  MD
  • Mahir Khan
  • Matthew J Koscica  MD
  • Raj B Lal  MD
  • Mary I Lang Carney  MD
  • Scott M Leikin  DO
  • Jerrold B Leikin  MD
  • Vemuri S Murthy  MD
  • Allen M Putterman  MD
  • Margaret Russell  MD
  • Marc A Silver  MD
  • Eric P Sullivan
  • Maria M Tsoukas  MD

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