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Illinois Fitness Industry Partners with Chicago Medical Society to Offer Complimentary Memberships to Front-Line Healthcare Professionals

Leading health and fitness facilities across Illinois recognize the tireless efforts of the healthcare community

CMS Members can sign up for complimentary healthclub memberships at participating facilities at

CHICAGO, December 10, 2020 – The Illinois Fitness Alliance has joined forces with the Chicago Medical Society, representing more than 17,000 physicians and licensed healthcare professionals across Cook County, to provide front-line healthcare workers the time and space to focus on and protect their own physical and mental health as they continue to rise to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Beginning Monday, December 14, Chicago Medical Society members will be offered complimentary memberships through February 1, 2021 at Illinois’ leading health and fitness facilities, including the Chicago-based East Bank Club and all Illinois locations of Midtown Athletic Clubs and Fitness Formula Clubs, as well as a significant number of studio fitness centers throughout the region.

"Time and time again in this pandemic, Illinoisans have demonstrated a remarkable generosity and a willingness to step up for their neighbors, even in the toughest of moments," said Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.

"The Illinois Fitness Alliance and the Chicago Medical Society carry forward that same incredible spirit in giving 17,000 Cook County frontline healthcare heroes the opportunity to enhance their own mental and physical health amid the most tasking period of their careers at no cost of their own. I am grateful to this partnership and to all the member organizations participating in this program for their efforts to lift up one another – may we all find inspiration in their choice to be All In, Illinois,” Pritzker added.

To participate in this program, Illinois Fitness Alliance members have confirmed their strict adherence to public health guidelines outlined by the CDC and local and state officials, including requiring masks throughout the health clubs, maintaining proper air ventilation, physical distancing and capacity restrictions and regularly disinfecting equipment. Under current Illinois guidelines, health clubs are restricted to 25 percent capacity.

Following last spring’s spike in COVID-19 cases that led to an unprecedented rise in hospitalizations and patient mortality, nearly 30 percent of Chicago Medical Society member physicians reported feelings of intense burnout and indicated they needed some type of mental health counseling. Recognizing the value of health and fitness facilities as a proven practice to combat stress and fatigue, Chicago Medical Society and Illinois Fitness Alliance formed a partnership to waive fees for front-line workers. As Illinois continues to combat an increasing rise in new COVID-19 cases, healthcare professionals assert that health and fitness clubs are an integral part of the solution to protect against the virus.

“As this pandemic continues to surge, healthcare workers are not immune to managing fatigue, stress or their own personal medical issues, and access to fitness facilities is critical to help prioritize their own health and wellness” said Dr. Tariq H. Butt, President of Chicago Medical Society. “Data demonstrates that health clubs are safe spaces right now and we are grateful to partner with leading establishments who have taken incredible steps to provide a controlled environment to keep their members and the community healthy.”

The Illinois Fitness Alliance represents over 1,275 fitness clubs, boutiques and studios as well as manufacturers and suppliers operating across Illinois and serves as the united voice of all fitness professionals in Illinois to keep its residents healthier and fit.

“We are deeply appreciative to the front-line healthcare professionals who continue to keep our communities safe during COVID-19. As they continue to take care of us, we are honored to open our doors to the Chicago Medical Society and offer our support to help strengthen their own physical and mental health,” said Steven Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of Midtown Athletic Clubs and Chairman of the Illinois Fitness Alliance Board.

“The Illinois Fitness Alliance is united in our passion to make our communities healthier. Now more than ever, fitness is essential for everyone’s physical and mental health and we are committed to ensuring our procedures and protocols are effective in providing our guests and employees the safest environment possible,” Schwartz added.

About Chicago Medical Society
Founded in 1850, the Chicago Medical Society is one of the oldest and largest medical societies in the United States. But our mission remains as vital as ever. In addition to improving public health locally, CMS’ programs educate physicians of all specialty areas while encouraging professional interaction and unity.

About Illinois Fitness Alliance
The Illinois Fitness Alliance is the united voice of Illinois’s fitness industry – health clubs, boutiques, studios, fitness professionals, manufactures and suppliers and members. Representing more than 58,650 passionate fitness professionals across Illinois, the Alliance aims to deliver long term health benefits to keep communities healthy

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