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Insurance coding exchange to benefit members

At members’ behest, CMS is building a service to help the medical team avoid coding pitfalls that can end up costing time and money.

With the redesign of the Society’s website, members can access a password-protected coding exchange to share their coding experiences and suggestions.  A medical billing company will answer specific questions about the utilization and interpretation of various medical codes.

Featuring a forum area and blog on which coding updates will be posted, the new section can help small groups and solo practices that lack the resources to implement coding updates.

According to members who pushed for this benefit, medical coding is increasingly complex and each insurance company interprets codes differently.  Mistakes can lead to audits and fines, along with demands for recoupment.  Insurance companies have stepped up their audits and penalties on physicians

CMS will routinely circulate or email blast coding updates by specialty as they become available.

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