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It’s medical license renewal time: ISMS is here to help make re-registering a snap

ILLINOIS PHYSICIANS HAVE UNTIL JULY 31ST to renew medical and controlled substance licenses. Once renewed, the licenses will be good for another three years. By now, you should have received a yellow postcard notifying you of your license renewal with some basic information for getting started. If you didn’t receive the postcard, don’t worry. You can still proceed with your renewal online or with ISMS help.

Before you can renew, you must have completed your state-mandated Internet profile with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at contact the ISMS Profiling Hotline for questions about this process at (800) 632-7478.

When you are ready to renew your license you have three choices.

Option 1.
Save time and hassle by renewing over the phone with ISMS (credit card payments only). Call (800) 632-7478, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Speak to a real person and renew your license in minutes. It helps to have your license number and payment information handy when you make the call. If you renew through ISMS, the Society pays your credit card transaction fees.

Option 2.
Renew through the Internet (credit card payments only). Visit to renew online. You will need your medical license number and PIN to renew. Without your PIN, you Will need to provide your Social Security number or date of birth to access your information and renew. If you renew online, make sure that you renew your controlled substance license(s) by clicking on the “view subordinate license” link on the IDFPR license renewal page. This link will provide you with your controlled substance number and an additional PIN to renew. IDFPR charges an extra few dollars for credit card renewals via the Internet.

Option 3.
Submit check or money order renewal through the mail. Renewal forms are scheduled to be mailed in June. Once you receive your renewal form, you can submit payment by check or money order only. Credit cards are not accepted through the mail.

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