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Half of U.S. Won’t Get COVID Shot

Poll: 52% of those previously vaccinated haven’t gotten latest vaccination
By Bruce Jepsen

In a sign of apathy and lack of concern about COVID-19 about half of the public doesn't expect to get the recommended new vaccination against the coronavirus, according to a tracking poll by KFF, formerly the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The lack of interest in the new vaccines against COVID-19 comes about four years after the deadly virus was first detected in the U.S. and the historic pandemic began in early 2000. Four years later, “at least two-thirds of the public say that they are not worried about getting COVID-19 over the holidays,” with nearly 70% not worried about spreading the virus to people close to them.

The poll, taken this past fall, is the latest analysis showing how the public is divided on COVID-19 even during the winter months when it’s easier for the virus to spread, in part because most Americans spend much of the winter indoors. The new, updated COVID-19 vaccine, has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention for those who are age 6 months and older.

“The public is divided on precautions this upcoming season, with half of adults saying they are planning to take at least one of several precautions to limit the spread of COVID this fall and winter, while the other half is not planning to take any of the precautions asked about in the survey,” the KFF analysis said. “The most common precautions people say they plan to take are avoiding large gatherings (35%) or wearing a mask in crowded places (30%). Smaller shares say they are avoiding travel this fall and winter (25%), avoiding dining indoors at restaurants (19%), or taking a COVID-19 test before visiting with friends or family (18%).”


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