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When Code Turns into Care

Navigating the dynamics of artificial intelligence in care delivery
Alya Sulaiman, JD, and Dale Van Demark, JD

There is no shortage of potential opportunities for AI in healthcare. In addition to the advanced diagnostic and treatment potentials, AI tools are being identified as solutions to the more immediate concerns we have such as the shortage of clinicians, a growing patient population, and an overworked healthcare industry. But the implementation of these tools into clinical workflows is not going to be an easy transition.

There are several crucial dynamics at play that will shape the success (or potential disappointment) of AI in healthcare delivery, and we will focus on three. The first is the interplay between AI system developers or deployers and provider organizations or clinicians. These can be complex relationships and encompass a wide range of activities. Second, provider organizations and their clinicians must navigate how these tools are integrated into complex workflows and, sometimes, the clinician-patient relationship. Finally, clinicians and their patients are where the full implications of these tools are being felt, and the dynamics here are impacted by the first two dynamics as well as the unique clinician-patient dynamics at work. How well we navigate these dynamics will determine the future of AI in healthcare delivery.

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