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Shaping the Future of Local Public Health

Dr. Werner is our nominee for the County health system’s governing board By Philip B. Dray, MD

Fulfilling an essential public health duty, the Chicago Medical Society (CMS) recently selected William N. Werner, MD, MPH, as its choice to fill a vacancy on the Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS) Board. The former CMS president and immediate past president of the Illinois State Medical Society joined other nominees whose names were presented to Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on April 12 by a special nominating committee on which CMS has served since 2008.

CMS participates on the committee to ensure that Chicagoans have access to a strong public health system. Indeed, the Society was founded in 1850 upon a mission to educate physicians and improve public health conditions during a chaotic time when physicians did not need to go to medical school or even have a license to practice medicine in Illinois.

The CCHHS is composed of volunteers with expertise in health care management, finance, and regulatory affairs as well as public policy, labor relations, clinical medicine and public health. Board members are charged with overseeing and managing the massive Cook County health care delivery system. The Board nominating committee convenes with representatives from various organizations, including CMS, to select candidates for President Preckwinkle’s consideration.

During the long deliberative process, the committee reviews candidates and the perspectives of the organizations they represent. The individuals may represent health, minority and patient advocacy organizations as well as civic and financial groups, public policy organizations and unions, hospitals and physician advocacy groups. The full nominating committee considers a large list of candidates, and from that initial listing, the committee advances a smaller group of names to President Preckwinkle, who then may choose five possible nominees to fill CCHHS vacancies.

CMS selected Dr. Werner for his executive leadership ability, and long track record in hospital management, patient and physician advocacy. He has the skills and knowledge to positively shape the CCHHS and help guide the gigantic Cook County health care organization back to stability and fiscal responsibility. Dr. Werner is a public health expert, respected clinician and member of the physician community and of CMS, and a stalwart supporter for decades.

The full committee met April 12 in the County Building on Clark Street. The formal process was initially open to the public and committee members heard comments from citizens. The public was then excused when the committee went into executive session.

CMS is active in public policy, physician and health care advocacy, participating in local and regional activities that affect the lives of physicians throughout the county. We are proud to be your voice for physician advocacy and patient health care. CMS’ strength lies in its membership; your leadership works to improve the practice climate for physicians and advocate for changes in legislation and public policy that give all physicians the ability to provide high-quality medical care and improve the health of patients.

CMS was instrumental in selecting a physician who has advanced to consideration for a vacancy on the CCHHS. If chosen for the Board position, Dr. Werner will have a positive impact on the 1,000-member medical staff of the Cook County health care system and the care of hundreds of thousands of patients who depend on the system each year.

Dr. Philip B. Dray is on staff at John H. Stroger, Jr., Hospital (formerly Cook County Hospital). He is also a CMS trustee and the Society’s current treasurer.

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