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Welcome to the Chicago Medical Society

A VOICE FOR physician empowerment, the Chicago Medical Society is one of the largest and most active county medical societies in the country. And there has never been a more critical time to be a member of CMS.

When you join, you become part of a dedicated network of physicians who are working together to achieve a unified health care front and fight against unfair reimbursement practices, scope of practice encroachments, restrictions on physician autonomy and the erosion of valuable legislation that protects physician practices, among other issues. CMS can enhance your practice, improve your bottom line, and protect your autonomy.

As a member of CMS, you have access to a wealth of resources as well as access to the extensive expertise of their staff. CMS offers you the opportunity to learn about trends in the practice of medicine through committee participation, policy development, educational seminars, and publications. When you join CMS, you enjoy these member-only-benefits:
• Legislative advocacy to reform the health care system and protect your rights as a physician.
• Reimbursement advocacy and assistance.
• Monthly issues of Chicago Medicine.
• Medical-legal education and general CME.
• Partnerships and discounts.
• Visibility in the community and with patients.
• Access to networks of peer physicians and elected officials.
• Valuable resources on topics ranging from practice management to legal issues.

Legislative Advocacy
One of the main ways your membership protects physician rights is through CMS’ strong legislative programs, which build productive relationships with lawmakers and other decision-makers. We collaborate with the Cook County Congressional Delegation in Washington and in the local Chicago-area. We propose new laws in the form of resolutions to ISMS, stop harmful bills in their tracks. Thanks to CMS physicians, a narrow network reform was signed into law in 2017. Our policy and legislative components include:
Proposing Legislation. Through our Governing Council, CMS provides a launch pad for physician and patient protection initiatives; your active participation is key to our success in Cook County, Springfield, and even as far as Washington, DC. Against a rapidly changing health care landscape, lawmakers are making complex decisions about funding, technology, reimbursement, regulation, and public health, among other areas. Physicians have the unique perspective and insight to advise elected officials, explaining how specific legislation will positively or adversely affect the medical profession, patients, and daily practice. Lawmakers often seek our knowledge on technical issues.
Relationships with Legislators. CMS engages lawmakers on a regular basis. At multiple levels—in the Chicago City Council, Cook County Government, and even the U.S. Congress—we provide testimony and work to shape public policy on behalf of physicians and patients. In Washington, DC, we make legislative rounds each year on members of the Cook County Congressional Delegation. We meet with top Administration officials and influential legislators from outside Illinois, cultivating relationships with the Congressional Doctors Caucus. Our outreach is reinforced by ongoing talks with lawmakers in their local Chicagoarea offices.
Key Contacts Program. CMS makes it easy for members to commit themselves to the advocacy process. Through our Key Contacts program, CMS trains volunteers to form meaningful connections with their lawmaker or someone running for elected office. The program is flexible, accommodating your busy schedule.
• Authoring Resolutions. The resolutions members submit to the CMS Governing Council directly shape our objectives. We bring them to the ISMS and to the AMA House of Delegates.

Learning Opportunities
CMS offers myriad opportunities for professional education. Our Annual Midwest Clinical Conference is still going strong. The two-day conference has been revamped to help physicians surmount the medical-legal landscape, including employment contracting, value-based payment, burnout and medical staff issues.

CMS partners with the Health Law Section of the American Bar Association to bring you the Physician Legal Issues Conferences on the medical-legal trends and issues that affect your practice.

Most important, your membership works for you. CMS protects your practice medicine from legal, regulatory and legislative intrusions. Your membership lets you focus on what’s really important: providing exceptional care to your patients.

To learn more, please call 312-670-2550 or go to:

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