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Current and Past Presidents of the Chicago Medical Society 1850-Present

*2020-Present Tariq H. Butt, MD

*2019-2020 A. Jay Chauhan, DO 

*2017-2018 Vemuri S. Murthy, MD

*2016-2017 Clarence W. Brown Jr., MD

*2015-2016 Katherine M. Tynus, MD

*2014-2015 Kenneth G. Busch, MD

*2013-2014 Robert W. Panton, MD

*2012-2013 Howard Axe, MD

*2011-2012 Thomas M. Anderson, MD

*2010-2011 David A. Loiterman, MD

*2009-2010 William N. Werner, MD, MPH

*2008-2009 William A. McDade, MD

*2007-2008 Saroja Bharati, MD

*2006-2007 Shastri Swaminathan, MD

*2005-2006 Steven M. Malkin, MD

*2004-2005 Peter E. Eupierre, MD

*2003-2004 Neil E. Winston, MD

*2002-2003 Richard A. Geline, MD

*2001-2002 Edmund R. Donoghue, MD

*2000-2001 Charles Drueck III, MD

*1999-2000 Kenneth J. Printen, MD

*1998-99 Janis M. Orlowski, MD

*1997-98 Joseph L. Murphy, MD

*1996-97 Dennis M. Brown, MD

*1995-96 Biswamay Ray, MD

*1994-95 John F. Schneider, MD, PhD

*1993-94 Sandra F. Olson, MD

*1992-93 Alan M. Roman, MD

*1991-92 M. LeRoy Sprang, MD

*1990-91 Arvind K. Goyal, MD

*1989-90 Ulrich E. Danckers, MD

*1988-89 James H. Andersen, MD

*1987-88 Robert M. Vanecko, MD

*1986-87 Pedro A. Poma, MD

*1985-86 Harold L. Jensen, MD

*1984-85 Jere E. Freidheim, MD

*1983-84 Harry A. Springer, MD

*1982-83 Alfred J. Clementi, MD

1981-82 Robert C. Hamilton, MD

*1980-81 Cyril C. Wiggishoff, MD

*1979-80 Lawrence L. Hirsch, MD

1978-79 Clifton L. Reeder, MD

1977-78 Morris T. Friedell, MD

*1976-77 Herschel L. Browns, MD

1975-76 David S. Fox, MD

1974-75 Howard C. Burkhead, MD

1973-74 Charles P. McCartney, MD

1972-73 Charles W. Weigel, MD

1971-72 Andrew J. Brislen, MD

1970-71 William E. Adams, MD

1969-70 Fred A. Tworoger, MD

1968-69 Ralph E. Dolkart, MD

1967-68 Francis W. Young, MD

1966-67 Warren W. Young, MD

1965-66 Noel G. Shaw, MD

1964-65 Harold A. Sofield, MD

1963-64 Allison L. Burdick, Sr., MD

1962-63 Casper M. Epsteen, MD

1961-62 Morris Fishbein, MD

1961-62 Patrick H. McNulty, MD

1960-61 Theodore R. Van Dellen, MD

1959-60 George C. Turner, MD

1958-59 Edwin E. Hirsch, MD

1957-58 Norris J. Heckel, MD

1956-57 Karl A. Meyer, MD

1955-56 Maurice M. Hoeltgen, MD

1954-55 Frank H. Fowler, MD

1953-54 Walter C. Bornemeir, MD

1951-52 H. Kenneth Scatliff, MD

1950-51 Warren H. Cole, MD

1949-50 Willard O. Thompson, MD

1952-53 Eugene T. McEnery, MD

1948-49 J. Roscoe Miller, MD

1947-48 Warren W. Furey, MD

1946-47 Malcolm T. MacEachern, MD

1945-46 Fred H. Muller, MD

1944-45 J. J. Moore, MD

1943-44 Oscar Hawkinson, MD

1942-43 H. P. Sanders, MD

1941-42 James P. Simonds, MD

1940-41 Frank E. Maple, MD

1939-40 Nathan S. Davis III, MD

1938-39 Robert H. Hayes, MD

1937-38 George W. Post, MD

1936-37 Thomas P. Foley, MD

1935-36 Julius H. Hess, MD

1934-35 Charles H. Phifer, MD

1933-34 Austin A. Hayden, MD

1932-33 Herman L. Kretschmer, MD

1931-32 John R. Harger, MD

1930-31 James H. Hutton, MD

1929-30 Charles R. Reed, MD

1928-29 Frank R. Morton, MD

1927-28 Isaac Abt, MD

1926-27 R. R. Ferguson, MD

1925-26 Malcolm L. Harris, MD

1924-25 J. H. Walsh, MD

1923-24 Archibald Church, MD

1922-23 Hugh N. MacKechnie, MD

1921-22 John S. Nagel, MD

1920-21 Ludvig Hektoen, MD

1919-20 J. V. Fowler, MD

1918-19 William Allen Pusey, MD

1917-18 Charles E. Humiston, MD

1916-17 A. Augustus O’Neill, MD

1915-16 Charles J. Walen, MD

1914-15 James A. Clark, MD

1913-14 Charles P. Caldwell, MD

1912-13 Jacob Frank, MD

1911-12 Joseph M. Patton, MD

1910-11 Alexander M. Ferguson, MD

1909-10 John A. Robison, MD

1908-09 Alfred C. Cotton, MD

1907-08 Henry B. Favill, MD

1906-07 George W. Webster, MD

1905-06 Charles S. Bacon, MD

1904-05 John B. Murphy, MD

1903-04 Robert B. Preble, MD

1902-03 William A. Evans, MD

1901-02 Christian Fenger, MD

1900-01 James H. Stowell, MD

1899-1900 Junius C. Hoag, MD

1898-99 Arthur Dean Bevan, MD

1897-98 Fernand Henrotin, MD

1896-97 Harold N. Moyer, MD

1895-96 Lewis L. McArthur, MD

1894-95 Nicholas Senn, MD

1893-94 Charles Warrington Earle, MD

1892-93 Ferdinand C. Hotz, MD

1891-92 Daniel R. Brower, MD

1890-91 Frank Billings, MD

1889-90 Albert E. Hoadley, MD

1888-89 James H. Etheridge, MD

1887-88 William T. Belfield, MD

1886-87 Edmund T. Doering, MD

1885-86 Charles T. Parkes, MD

1884-85 D. A. K. Steele, MD

1883-84 David W. Graham, MD

1882-83 John H. Hollister, MD

1881-82 Ephraim Ingals, MD

1880-81 Roswell G. Bogue, MD

1879-80 Edmund Andrews, MD

1878-79 Ephraim Ingals, MD

1877-78 Ephraim Ingals, MD

1876-77 Ephraim Ingals, MD

1875-76 William E. Clarke, MD

1874-75 William E. Quine, MD

1873-74 William G. Dyas, MD

1872-73 Gerhard C. Paoli, MD

1871-72 John Reid, MD

1870-71 Thomas Davis Fitch, MD

1869-70 Roswell G. Bogue, MD

1868-69 Eugene Marguerat, MD

1867-68 Joseph P. Ross, MD

1866-67 Abraham Groesbeck, MD

1865-66 Thomas Bevan, MD

1864-65 Mills O. Heydock, MD

1863-64 Gerhard C. Paoli, MD

1862-63 Swayne Wickersham, MD

1861-62 Ira Hatch, MD

1860-61 Orren Smith, MD

1859-60 Daniel D. Waite, MD

1858-59 Alexander Fisher, MD

1857-58 Nathan S. Davis, MD

1856-57 DeLaskie Miller, MD

1855-56 Nathan S. Davis, MD

1854-55 Nathan S. Davis, MD

1853-54 William B. Herrick, MD

1852-53 Erial McArthur, MD

1851-52 William B. Herrick, MD

1850-51 Levi D. Boone, MD  

* indicates physician who is still alive

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